Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I felt like adding a post about something that has been on my mind lately. After a discussion with a loved one, I have come to the conclusion that out of all living things on earth, we as humans, are the most messed up.  A simple cartoon, ScoobyDoo revealed the most shocking truth; the only monsters on earth, are humans.  I believe we, as humans, have become so blinded by the fast paced life, education, family traditions and beliefs that we have forgotten what is most important. Love....

There is so much hate and judging in the world.  Everyone has met someone they didn't like, it is human nature, I guess.  But deep down if we look at some of the reasons, I wonder if there is one underlining common theme? I think in my case, there was. I feel it is because someone is different than me.  Maybe they looked different--making me feel uncomfortable. Perhaps they have a tattoo, multiple piercings, drank alcohol, or a radical appearance. In the past, I do know that if someone had a different belief system than I did, I tended to judge them unfairly.  I apologize to everyone out there I may have judged and perhaps not have engaged with, although I doubt they are reading this small little blog. But at least it is out there.

Traveling down my path has brought a couple of ideas into my field of vision. I am not going to lie, I have been to my own personal hell.  It has been like coming back from a long hike under a scorching sun in the desert. I was tired, beaten down but grateful. I would never wish my path on anyone else, but I don't regret it. I learned how beautiful life is when there is variety and differences. When I look at anything in nature, whether an animal, fish, flowers, trees, etc...the most beautiful are the ones that are different and have many colors and patterns. I try to apply that same belief to humans now. I wish I could have seen the beauty in others earlier in my life. I missed out on possible friendships because I was only comfortable with those that looked and acted like me. Again I am sorry...

The second theme ties in with the last paragraph. I have finally become more empathetic with others who are different. I have learned to try to hold back judgement, because I haven't walked their path. We all have different roads we travel.  Some paths are wide, some are narrow, but they are each our own. All we have to judge is our own perspective, and that isn't enough, we need to try to understand others.

 I know I have been guilty of doing both of these. I have judged family members, loved ones, friends and complete strangers. I can only continue to try to love those around me.  Love really is the way for me now. Thanks for reading

Dave Johnson

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