Thursday, January 15, 2015

I've moved on from the last control method of Mormonism...

I was recently informed of some possible copyright violations with some of my posts.  I have always tried to give links and credit where it is due.   I wonder if once a blog or website reaches a certain level- it shows up on the radar.  I guess no more pictures--back to just words. 

I have gone through the stages of grief while exiting the Mormon church.  I have moved out of my angry phase, although the organization and its members can still do things to trigger me.  I just want to move on and be completely free of its reaches, unfortunately,  I still have family members under its control.   Today, I have found that it just doesn't get to me as before.  It is only a belief, just like any other pseudo science product.  The members believe in it.  That's great, just allow me the same right.  Have a great day.