Sunday, July 20, 2014

We are speaking two different languages....

Recently on twitter I engaged in a small dialogue with a TBM.  He follows me twitter and has read my blog.  He seems like a critical thinker.  He must be well read.  He has his own blog defending  the Mormon church, that is his right.  He has voiced his opinion of Ordain Women and offered it freely.  Although I see holes in his logic, it is his perspective.

He was very vocal in attacking my logic skills.  I must be upfront, this is my blog and my voice, I write for no one,  it is for me.  If it helps someone in my situation, great.   If someone does not agree with what I write or my conclusions, they can write, criticize and complain but don't attack me or my intellect.  You don't know my educational credentials or my experiences. Attack my ideas, but don't belittle my education or intellect.  This is where both sides, Mormon/ex Mormons can use help.  I may not be the clearest in explaining my thoughts but it doesn't mean there isn't some truth in what I'm saying.

Mormons and ex Mormons, are on different planets.  We are not on the same page.  Where a member sees a complete, beautiful and inspirational painting, an ex Mormon sees all the flaws, mistakes and shortcuts on the same canvas.  The question comes down to, with all the shortcuts, mistakes, and concealing can a person over look that, and still see the beauty in the painting.  That is up to the individual.  Fault should never be placed on the individual.  It is their choice.  Just as it is the member's right to talk about how wonderful the painting looks.

I must clarify, in my opinion, the Mormon church looks like an oil painting a door to door salesman would sell.  The salesman convinces you that you need this painting. With high pressure, you purchase it.  At first glance,  the painting looks great.  The colors are bright and the subject is brought to life on the canvas.  Once it is hung on the wall, the mistakes, flaws, concealment of problems, not to mention it doesn't even match the chosen decor, reveal themselves. The light begins to show all of its problems.

What does the individual do?  Some choose to leave it and ignore the problems.  Some choose to leave it because a family member likes it.  Some leave it out of ease.  Some leave it for emotional attachment
Others may leave it,  but complain about its faults.  A few decide to remove it and replace it with something better.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?

That depends on the view one has of the painting.  We should not fault others for their view point.  It is their choice.  No one is right or wrong, it all depends on their perspective.  The Mormon church has problems.  I think both sides can all agree on that statement.  What we can't agree on is if we can continue to believe it with all its faults.  That is up to the individual.  Don't attack the person for the flaws in the picture. Where a member sees a beautiful image an ex Mormon sees jagged brush strokes and mistakes.  Although it was sold as a masterpiece by the salesman, it was far from it.

So, from a non believing member , don't tell me I'm flawed in my thinking because of inconsistencies and problems in the Mormon church. From my perspective, I can see them and understand them. Although they may seem like individual and unrelated issues, they all add up to affect the overall picture.  I was told it was a masterpiece,  I'll be the judge of that.


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