Thursday, July 10, 2014

No more Jack Handy quotes....

I'm sorry if this topic has been hashed and rehashed, but the Kate Kelly excommunication really bothers me.  The manner in which the church has disregarded Kate and all she has done by tossing her aside is reprehensible.   They are a unprincipled organization that needs to go away. 

The church, from the beginning, has had a shady history.  From Joseph's questionable  activities, to the current leadership, the church has done many dubious things.  The obscuring of church history and doctrine is a problem that is coming to light in the internet scene. It seems that the current leadership is retreating from the onslaught of accusations and challenges.  Hiding behind apologetic groups and lay clergy is causing members to question the validity of the church's claims.  The general leaders are making poor decision after poor decision.  For having direct access to God, the leadership doesn't seem to have a good track record for staying out of hot water. But that seems to be par for the course in the Mormon church.  It started with Joseph's destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor and has continued to the excommunication of Kate Kelly.  This decision of expelling Kate will come back to bite them. 

I was  at BYU during the church courts of the September 6.  I was in the middle of the most Mormon city in Utah, at the church's own school, involving BYU's own faculty and I don't remember really hearing about the cases.  Now times have changed.  The internet is killing the church.   Anyone with a computer can start blogging about the injustices happening inside the church and the information can't be controlled anymore.  They don't have a militia that can destroy the printing presses.  The internet is  allowing outsiders to get a glimpse of the "craziness" of Mormonism.  The church knows it is in trouble, that is why it is making these "knee jerk" decisions. 

Why not sit down with the Ordain Women group and listen to their position.  There is nothing wrong with listening.   Let them voice their opinions and concerns, then when all the information is presented, a logical decision can be made.   The running and hiding behind a "local matter" excuse is, pardon my language, chicken shit.  Every one in the church knows that Kate's bishop had some "training" from the big boys.  The general authorities have become so unapproachable that even letters written to them seeking doctrinal  clarification are sent to the writer's local leaders.  Where is the revelation today?  Why are they silent? Except for the occasional platitude spewed out during general conference, all we hear is silence.   Why can't members challenge their leaders?  Especially since they haven't offered anything of value in the last 40 years.   To use Jesus' parable, the members are thirsting, but the leaders are walking by on the other side of the road.   To quote Thomas Monson, " Do your duty", and your duty, Thomas,  is to lead the church and address the member's concerns. We don't need one liner "deep thoughts" by Jack Handy Monson posted on facebook with a sunset in the background.  We need real leadership today to define the doctrine, answer the difficult questions, and provide a stable "rock" to build a foundation of faith. 


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