Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tithing....the blessings are subtle yet significant.

I'm  what you would call "limbo".  I would like to state that I don't believe in the Mormon church.  It is false.  It can be dismantled rather quickly once one questions the validity of its claims.  Stone in a hat, come on.  But I bear my witness that Mormonism is all I know.

 I'm a BIC, RM, BYU grad., temple marriage, served as an EQP,  EQ counselor, YM counselor twice, Exec. sec, primary and Sunday school teacher, taught at the MTC in Prove for 2 years, and the standard HT.  That's a mouth full.  I state this not to brag. I have no aspirations to move up in the upper echelon of the church.  I'm not part of the Utah royal bloodlines. I share this  to give some background.  I'm in limbo, meaning that I still go to church to keep the wife happy.  She does know where I am in my beliefs, however.  So far, we have been able to dance around the elephant in the room.

Because I "choose" to go to church, it has become kind of like watching a train wreck. I just can't look away.  Before I would get upset at the things taught (sometimes I still do).  My reactions changed and  I started feeling sorry for the members.  Week after week the same drivel. Now, I find many of these things just funny.  Occasionally, I find myself perusing  through the Ensign.  Recently I found this little gem in the June 2014 edition.  It is titled, Tithes and Offerings. It was  a piece summarized from the New Era magazine.

The part that really caught my attention was the heading, Suggestions for Teaching Children.  It gives a demonstration of how to teach children the concept of tithing.  Basically, place 10 dimes on a table and tell the child that you will give them all 10 if  he/she gives you 1 back.  Who wouldn't agree to that?  The child is then told that God gives us everything in our lives and all He asks back is 10%.  Cute story, isn't it?  But last time I checked, everything I have earned I worked for it.  I haven't had Moroni come and slap down 10 gold bars on the table.  I know, I know,  God has created everything in this world, then he must have created money. But I still don't have Him doing direct deposit in my bank account, I have to work to get it from my employer.

If God truly wants money, why wouldn't he just magically print it.  He can create worlds, make brass compasses, light up flashlight rocks with the touch of His finger.  But His wallet is still a little light?  If He needs some extra cash,  He can come and pick it up Himself.  All He has to do is ask. That is after He gives me some first.  The Mormon concept of tithing is like working for an employer that pays you and then demands 10% back because after all he is giving you the opportunity to work.  Oh wait, that does happen in downtown Salt Lake.

Why money, I thought it was basically the root of all evil.  I know you can "buy anything in this world with money".   What about time?  If we are worshiping Him, I would think He would want our time.  We are one big eternal family, and "family isn't it about time"

. I was always taught, "time is money".  That should be calculated in the whole tithing concept.  Members who are paying 10% and also doing 2 callings are paying way too much.  I think God is running up His credit card.


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