Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Complete and utter fail by the Mormon Church on Radio West...

I know the bloggersphere has been lit up by the recent Doug Fabrizio interview with John Dehlin and Kate Kelly.   For those not aware, John is the creator of Mormon Stories Podcast.  It is a great website discussing issues with the Mormon church and helping those who are disaffected, struggling with faith come to an understanding of their situation and provide answers to difficult questions.   I think it is a great website and really helps members deal with their "crisis of faith".

Kate is the founder of Ordain Women.  A movement to create an awareness of the inequality of men and women in the church (separate but equal).  The main push of Ordain Women is to pressure the general leadership (prophets) of the church to go to the Lord and ask if women can hold the priesthood. Although I'm a nonbeliever, I feel this is a step in the right direction.  I feel women do get put in second place inside the church.  Just listen to the talks given by women during general conference, generally it consists of 3 topics.  1. Motherhood, 2. Divine role of women. 3. Service.  Pick any talk by a general auxiliary leader (woman) and you find those 3 topics laced  throughout their talk.  Hell, just the term Auxiliary Organization means nonessential (separate but equal). 

These two individuals have been issued their summons to a church court, aka "court of love".  They are being accused of apostasy in the Mormon Church.  On Radio West yesterday Doug Fabrizio interviewed the PR representative about the recent summons of John and Kate and why it was instigated. 

First off, the program is almost an hour long and alot of ground was covered. It was painful to listen to the answers the LDS representative gave  Doug.  I felt like I was in a fast and testimony meeting. Every answer was like from Hallmark card.   I was left speechless at the half truths, the dodging of questions and the "Heartsell"  answers this former government PR representative was giving.  I could tell that Doug Fabrizio was getting frustrated by her and the church's answers.    This is frustrating to a nonbeliever who has similar questions, one that has to go to church to keep a marriage together. They have no answers except to throw sand in everyone's eyes.   Because the only answer is that the whole thing is a complete fraud. Distraction is the best answer to the leaders of the church. 

The other bothersome aspect of the interview was that the church sent a PR specialist to answer the questions.  Where are the prophets?  You know the ones we all sustain every general conference.  Why aren't they out answering these difficult questions.  I know we are told it is a local matter, but you can be damn sure that the boys in Salt Lake are the ones orchestrating this maneuver because of the high profile nature of these two individuals.  Prophets my ass, but Profits has a nice ring to it.


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