Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mormonism.....it causes a disease then serves up the cure.

I have to put a shout out to John Larsen and Lindsey at Mormon Expression podcast. They do a wonderful job at discussing issues with Mormonism.  It really helps those of us who are struggling with Mormonism.  I'm borrowing from a discussion John had on his podcast.  They discussed Bonneville Communication's holding company Heart Sell.  For those that may not know, Bonneville Communication is a "for profit" holding company that the Mormon church owns.  They own KSL, Deseret News, FM100, FM103.5 among other entities.

Heart Sell is a trademarked technique that Bonneville Communication sells to companies for marketing purposes. They claim that they can "touch the hearts and minds of our audiences, evoking first feeling, then thought and finally, action".  They call this form of advertising Heart Sell or "strategic emotional advertising that stimulates response".   I used this technique on my LDS mission.  We called it "The Commitment Pattern".

Basically,  it was a sales technique that all missionaries were taught to use.  It started with building rapport or "BRT"aka,  Building relationships of trust.   We were taught to find common beliefs, ideas or backgrounds.  This caused the investigator to trust us.  After that, it was easier to teach the formal discussions with less resistence.  This is a blatant sales trick.  If you are trusted as a salesperson, then the "mark" is more likely to buy what is being sold. 

This podcast reminded me of when I went through the Mormon temple for the first time.  I went through prior to 1990, before all of the Masonic rituals were taken out.  Sitting around loved ones,  I mimed slitting my own throat and disemboweling myself if I ever shared their secret handshakes and phrases.  I remember not understanding what the hell was going on, but I looked at my parents in their crazy temple clothes and figured they wouldn't allow me to do something wrong.  I trusted them and in so doing, I bought into the Temple and church hook line and sinker.

The church uses sales tactics and creates a linking of  any positive emotions a person has to God.  But according to the Church, a person can't have a true relationship with God, without the Mormon Church.  This is in essence, "the spirit", positive emotions or feelings that we get as humans.  Having a positive emotion in a Mormon church building, a family gathering or talking about God, is "the spirit". But the same emotion while watching a rated R movie is just an emotional experience.  Members say it's different, but is it only different in what the emotion is being ascribed to. 

We generally all have good memories of Christmas morning opening presents and the excitement it brings.  The church tweaks those positive feelings and places it on God, aka the church.  Any negative feeling or contentious feeling get passed off to Satan, the father of lies.  Any  challenge or debate gets assigned to the influence of Satan, this allows for the "black and white"or "us vs. them" mindset of the members.  This is another technique the church ingrains in the minds of members to never question.  That is why so few people in a "cult" group or religion never take the red pill.


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