Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I stand with the Kate....

The trial is over and the decision has been made, by "local authorities", that  Ordain Women founder Kate Kelly is excommunicated from the (trade marked), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This decision has come under criticism of all reasonable people. Articles have been printed in the UK, the New York Times, Tribune, the AP has ran a piece on the disciplinary council. 

Just a little observation.....

The  Mormon church has always been about 15-20 years behind any major civil rights movement in the United States.  An example of this was the 1978 "revelation" allowing men of African American descent all the rights of the the church.  This occurred  about 15 years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law by Lydon B. Johnson.  A man who was very controversial in his own right.  That core church doctrine (ban of African American men),  has recently been disavowed  by the church and placed solely on Brigham Young. However, the 9 other prophets following Brigham continued to teach and  believe it.  The 1978 proclamation still claims the "curse" was lifted by God in 1978.  So it was started by Brigham and was a mistake but continued for 100+ years until God lifted "His ban" in 1978.  What????

But the Mormon church claims to have God's spokesperson for the whole earth.  Only he holds all the keys to God's kingdom on the earth but  God seems to be too busy to see what is happening in the world.  Gay marriage, women and the priesthood, and intellectuals undermining church leaders seem to be on "God's mind".  While middle east conflicts, the financial crisis, tensions in Ukraine, African famines, US immigration. etc, the list is endless and yet God is silent on these issues.

 But the church doesn't get involved in political issues is the standard Mormon response, but what about Prop 8, prohibition, polygamy and ERA issues.  These were highly charged political issues at the time. The church has been involved political issues since the time of Brother Joseph running for the President of the United States.

I have finally realized that  God is really into land speculation, mall building, and finding car keys.  He is so busy directing the business fronts of His church that he put most of our important concerns of our day on the shelf for now.  Putting things on the shelf.....that sounds familiar.


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