Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Long time no write....

This blog is my therapy.  I write to place my ideas out into cyberspace.  Sometimes my rants are random, angry, bitter and contain the improper use of the English writing system.  But this is for me, and me alone.  I don't mind if others read but I'm writing this as therapy to work through my own life. 

Growing up Mormon is all I know.  I didn't church hop, I have visited other religious organizations, but basically Mormonism is my specialty.  I have come the realization, that the church is false.  I know, to members of the LDS church this is blasphemy, but it is true.  Mormonism has twisted reality on it's head and when someone wakes up to the illusion, they are blamed for their lack of faith.  my own family has told me I've lost it or confused.  They don't trust my decisions and that I am lost.  I have been accused of "losing the spirit, allowing Satan to enter my heart, being judgmental and proud.  Oh yes, I have been asked if I have been having an affair.  Good times.

The Mormon church is like an octopus whose tentacles have permeated every aspect of a member's life.  Try going out to dinner with a couple who are members of the church, and I promise within 15 minutes the church will be the center of the conversation.  The church sells a product.  It is an MLM.  10% is all it takes to get to the "top" of the pyramid (the second anointing is only for the big wigs).  10% gives you an instant social network where everyone loves you as long as you look and act like them.  10% gives you guidance in your life.  There will be many who will give you free advice and tell you how to live.  10% gives you access to as much granny underwear you want. 10% gives you the chance to serve the organization up to 10+hours/ week.  10% allows you to sit in positions of authority  over your neighbors and the opportunity to gossip about people behind their back.  10% is all it takes to serve a 1-2 year mission. Etc, etc...... 10% is all it costs to join this great business opportunity, sign me up;)