Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Become as a little child....

After a nice vacation, I'm back to blogging about the Mormon business or the "LDS church".  The topic of today's blog is "becoming as a little child".  The traditional belief is that we need to become as little children to be saved in the kingdom of God.  What does that mean to you and I?  I know what that means to the Mormon church.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave a talk about leadership and how criticizing leaders of the church is wrong even if the criticism is true.  This boggles the mind.  Health care professionals are held to a high standard.  Teachers are held to a certain standard.  Even McDonald's workers are held to a higher standard than the leaders of the church. I know you may think, "how much damage can be created from a misguided leader?" "The church teaches good things and many people have overcome addictions and problems through the church".  I can't argue that point, but most of the "addictions" may not really be  actual addictions. Also many of the things such as no alcohol,  cigarettes, or coffee are actually only rules found in the Mormon church.  These are legal activities that the church bans.  With the LDS church only promoting good things why not ask all of those in the gay and lesbian movement how much damage has been done to them by the church.  Ask those who have been abused and the accused have been allowed to walk.  The authority to act in God's name is a fraud.  These leaders think they have "authority" over members of the church.  The only authority they have is when members voluntarily give up their free choice and obey the leaders.  We, as members, give away our own intellect and freedom to choose to those who are our own neighbors, which we may or may not know very well.

I have been following a blog of a friend's daughter.  She is serving a mission for the church on the east coast.  She is 20 years old. She has put her education and life on hold to volunteer for 18 months to serve as a missionary for the Mormon church.  After 2 minutes of reading her letters posted on her blog, I start to see the church's doctrine of " becoming as a little child".  From reading her post, she sounds like a 12 year old teenager.  I really can't even get through all of her letters because of the immaturity in her writing.  I feel this is standard for most people in the church.  The Mormon church doesn't want people to think for themselves so members will always be "as little children".  All the YM/YW and even single adult activities are geared for younger children.  Most high school kids are branching out, trying to figure who they are, while Mormon teenagers and even 20 somethings are watching Disney movies, playing dress up in pioneer clothes, or making collages of their dream life.  Want to go on a date, forget going out as a couple.  The church can't trust you, so it's only group dates-even if you are a college graduate.   The members are never mature enough to think for themselves.  From the newborn to the 100 year old we are programmed to not think, not question, and obey because that is what children do. That is how the church wants it, a bunch of worker bees.  No questions asked.


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