Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Mormon church is really designed to.....

I'll try to be sensitive to those of you that are active, true believing members of the Mormon Church in my discussion today.   The topic of today is one that most temple recommend holding members have never given much thought, but one that is of utmost importance.

Attending the sacred temple for members is the culminating event in most member's lives.  Members have to become "worthy" or in my own words, "vetted". This shows the local church leader that the member is "church broke".  The member must pass an interview process by two local leaders that have the "spirit of discernment".  After passing the interview process, the member is now "worthy" to attend the temple. But after attending the special experience, I wonder if the member feels that it is a huge letdown.  I mean, after the member has gone through the experience of  the washing and anointing, followed by the endowment ceremony, and then if getting married, the culminating process of being sealed to a spouse through the "new and everlasting covenant"-which is polygamy (D&C 132), I feel as if people come out going, "what the?".  "I was never taught that".  I know I did.  I had no idea what the whole process was about as a young 19 year old going on a mission. In reality, the whole process of the temple, is really just a rehashed free masonry ritual.  A ritual that "locks" in the member to swear allegiance to the LDS church above all else. 

The Mormon church is really like a splinter group from free masonry.  The lower, "normal" members of the church, those that haven't been to the temple, don't really know what rituals are done there.  They know the basics, but don't know the actual rituals.  Having gone through prior to 1990, I remember the blood penalties that I promised before God, my parents, and other members.  The LDS church has since taken out these offensive oaths.  Most younger members have no idea of the things removed, causing that generation  to never question the past rituals.   During the process,  it is very difficult for a member to stop the process out of fear of God and  peer pressure.

The reason I liken the process of going though the temple to the free masonry experience,  is that the lower level initiates of free masonry don't really know or understand what will happen when they advance through the higher anks of free masonry.  The same is true of the temple experience.  The first time initiates of the temple don't know or understand what will be required of them.  And even after the process, members still don't understand how a handshake helps them get into heaven.

On the outside, the free masons organization, appears to be all about helping the less fortunate and doing good.  Of course the organization does those things, but what really happens on the inside? Especially in the higher ranks.   The LDS church is the same.  It appears to be a Christian church, and in helping mankind but is that the whole story? What about the secret second anointing?  What is that about?   Most members haven't even heard of that ritual.  That is only for those who have proven to be "church broke" and will do whatever is required.

Some apologists and members "in the know" claim that Joseph Smith just restored the ancient ordinances from King Soloman's temple.  The free masons use a story about his main temple architect, Hyrum Abiff, to drive home a moral teaching to initiates.  The issue is that Hyrum Abiff and his story is fiction.  The free masons admit that the organization originated during the 17th century, however some can claim it goes back to the 13 century stone mason guilds.  So there is no correlation to Soloman's temple. 

The temple rituals are about promising before God, and the men and women present, that the member  will put the LDS church above all else.  I repeat it is about putting the LDS church above all else.  Not Jesus Christ, or God for that matter,  it is about promising to give everything to the church. Money, time, any talents that God has given you to the LDS church. An organization that is really just a corporation.  The LDS church falls under a non profit business, titled the Corporation of the President of  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  That is comforting, isn't it? 

Even the "holy" garments are a way to put the church first in a marriage.  Married couples are suppose to wear these undergarments all the time.  Some members have even worn them during sex.  It is a layer  of clothing that reminds the person of the promises made in the temple.  Promises to put the church first, not the Savior.  Not their spouse. It is a barrier between husbands and wife.  A physical barrier, that can create an emotional barrier.  Even their sacred symbols on the garment are just rehashed free masonry symbols.  The square and compass.  Which is just another symbol for the Star of David.  A symbol that has nothing to do with the Old Testament Israel King.

The Mormon church is really just an offshoot of free masonry.  It is designed to manipulate the member to put the organization above all else.  Even above loyalty to country, friends, family and even spouses.  It is the ultimate mind control.


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