Friday, June 28, 2013

Some people rely so much on the system...

A little follow up post script from my last entry.  I was thinking, I know a dangerous act, why do members of the LDS church attack those who begin questioning.  Why won't they look objectively at the information presented to them.  It hit me like a brick.  I have to go deep into my memory for the answer to this question.  To paraphrase my favorite movie, The Matrix;  Morpheus and Neo are walking among a crowd of people.  Morpheus tells Neo to look around at everyone.  Morpheus tells Neo, that these are people they are trying to save but they rely so heavily on the "system" that they will do everything they can to defend it.

Such is the life of  a Mormon apologist or a TBM (True Believing Member).  If someone confronts them with some controversial information they will begin to have an internal struggle with that info. Consciously, they know that if they begin to look objectively at the message, they are beginning to destroy and shatter the foundation of  their reality.  However, if they attack the person's credibility (the person who told them the info), they can protect their belief system and keep everything in place.  Their church is still true and real, but the person sharing that info has lost his faith, or is sinning, etc. It is a defense mechanism.  They are trying to keep the rug from being pulled out from under them.


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