Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How much is enough.....?

Over the weekend my wife and I had a disagreement.  Being fast Sunday, we had the ward deacon come by for donations.  I filled out the envelope, and handed it to the deacon.  After he left, my wife asked how much I paid to fast offerings.  It wasn't enough, she wanted to double the amount. I replied, "If the church can drop 3 billion on a shopping mall, then they obviously have more than enough to help the less fortunate". Wrong answer to a TBM.

My point is a valid one.  If, by some estimates, the church brings in 7 billion a year in tithing.  How much is brought in in fast offerings?  If the church can drop 3 billion on a large and spacious mall, then obviously they have more than enough to help others.  TBMs will say it isn't about the church, but it is about us.  Fine, then let me give to what ever organization I like. But to be a member in good standing I must give to the LDS church to use as they see fit.  Projects like City Creek Center, the 400 million hotel on Oahu, purchasing a ranch in Nebraska, etc... just make me question where all of my money is going. TBMs claim that it is okay because President Monson is a prophet and won't do anything contrary to the the Lord's will.  That is the definition of blind faith, and we know that blind faith causes problems, just ask suicide bombers.


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