Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little music please.....

We recently had "Standards night" for our youth.  A "special" speaker was brought in to teach the YM and YW about the importance of having high standards.  He started off with the usual questions asking what was important to the youth.  They gave various answers.  Overall a nice beginning to the meeting.  However my mood soon changed. 

The speaker began reading from Isaiah about how the gospel will be preached from the top of the mountains.  He began crying about how the Salt Lake Valley was prophesied to be the beginning of the gospel being spread across the world, and how this area is holy ground.  I couldn't take it so I began playing with my phone.  I thought, I wonder if he knows that Isaiah was actually written by 3 different people and isn't as old as we think.  He then played a video of Elder Holland talking about Ensign Peak and the early pioneers.  The talk wasn't offensive, but the piano music in the background was....I felt like I was watching a Hallmark made for tv movie.  Is this what we have come to....using cheesy music to force an emotional response that we claim is the spirit. This is insulting to me, to the youth and to God.  Why don't we rely on the good word and let the spirit speak for itself.  Why are we trying to "force" the spirit.  Hey either it is true or it is the biggest fraud on the earth.  And this speaker was pulling out all the stops of the theatre.


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