Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romney has to be good, he was a stake president...

Being a member of the church, I find the current fervor over Mitt Romney fascinating.  Members are anxious about the first Mormon possibly becoming the President of the United States.  They are intrigued by the moral "example" Mitt has been and the savvy businessman he became. 

However, when pushed, most members have no idea of Mitt's past political views.  They are supporting for one of three reasons. 

First;  they hate Obama.  "Anyone is better than Obama" is a common phrase.   This has been the political climate for years.  We are offered a "lesser of two evils".   I remember a little comment my mother always told me, "Two wrongs don't make a right".  We are purposely given two lackeys, whose views and agendas are not that different.  They may differ on the little things but when looking at the big picture, they push for the same things.TARP, Iran, big banks, etc...the two will vote the same.

Second;  "Mitt knows business and will turn the economy around".  Do we really know this.  Mitt has been a supporter of Wall Street from day one.  Look at his predatory business practices.  Buying up companies, leveraging them then selling what is left.  Look at his support of TARP,  he doesn't care about the middle or poor class. Sure he is successful, but who wouldn't be in that situation. The Olympics were a "success",  according to the previous CFO of the Salt Lake games, Mitt used his connections to get the Federal government to give a grant of 13 billions.  Those are our tax dollars.  I think his business record needs to be scrutinized, however that won't change the mind of any true believing Mormon.

Third;  "Mitt was a stake president, so he will have the influence of the spirit".   This statement takes the cake.  Are we naive enough to believe that we really know Mitt?  How do we know he is in tune?  What "spirit" is he following?  Mitt has donated free time to serve in the church, well guess what so have I and many others.  We have all done it.  Who cares?  I heard on NPR that Mitt's campaign are going to have some of those he helped, as a church leader, speak at the Republican convention. What a great way to pull on the emotions strings.  What a biased play.  Only use those who like Mitt as a leader speak. What about those he offended?  Kind of sounds like the church's play on the real history of the church.  "Only use those things are portray the church in a positive light. To vote for Mitt for this reason is the same rationale to vote against him because he is Mormon.

It is time for members to wake up and see what is really happening to us.  We are slaves to a financial system. It isn't going to get better, but probably worse.  Religion is a tool of control.  Christianity  was set up as a control system for Rome.  It is convenient that Constantine was converted on his death bed after being a pagan his whole life.  His becoming a Christian unified Rome.  What better way to control people than to teach them that if they don't toe the line they are going to hell.  Alma in the Book of Mormon taught, that the word had more of an effect on the minds of the people than the sword or anything else.  I am not advocating throwing out your belief, only to stop and think a little and really see what is happening around us. Remember to use our minds, God gave them to us for a reason.


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