Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mental gymnastics...

I was listening to a lesson at church on  Sunday.  The teacher was following the "approved" lesson manual.  The topic was on obedience.  A great topic, especially when dealing with the young men in the church.  The teacher stated that the way to get to Christ is through obedience.  I think my lip is still bleeding from the the bite marks.  "The way to Christ is through obedience".  That sums up the WHOLE doctrine of the Mormon church.  We can obtain Godhood status by being obedient.  If we do our home teaching, read our scriptures, say our prayers, go to the temple, do our ancestry research, go to church meetings, take dinner to those around us, invite our neighbors to church, etc.....the list is endless, then we have proven ourselves worthy to see Christ.

These acts of service aren't the reasons why I had to do a mental back flip, but the statement of obedience to the get to Christ. I thought it was by faith, that one can come unto Christ.  Obedience, as a necessity to get to Jesus sounds a little like Lucifer's plan according to Mormon doctrine.  We have no free agency to act according to ourselves.  We are to be controlled in all aspects of our lives. It is as if we are circumventing the Atonement of Jesus Christ to get to heaven. We are trying to do it on our own, while at the same time STOMPING on the Sacrifice of Jesus.  This is what bothers me. I have come to an understand that Jesus'  gospel is free to all and so is his Atonement.  We are forgiven and saved. All of us.  He took upon Him all of our sins and made salvation and eternal life with Him free.


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